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Teenage online 6 week support  £48.00

New for 2018



New 2 x 40 minute online video tutorials/webinar each week...


Working on:



What happens in the teenage brain when anxiety is experienced, what contributes to it, ways to manage it. Exploring positive beliefs about worry.

Low Mood 

Behavioural activation, becoming motivated, exploration of contributing factors, getting a fuller more enjoyable life.

Self Esteem

What is healthy self esteem, building resilience.


Why sleep is so important to manage anxiety and mood, what contributes to good sleep hygiene.


Ways to manage GCSE pressure, what is worth your attention and how to reduce anxiety around getting good grades.

The Teenage Brain

The whys of the impulsive behaviour and how to regulate that behaviour. 


Social Media

How to use it to enhance your life, without it overtaking it.

What Your Friends Notice 

A talk and exercise on peer pressure and how perfectionism hinders instead of helps.

Learning an Assertive Sense of Self  

What if the worse case scenario does happen, how do we build our coping capacity.

Boundaries: Relationships/Friendships 

What is your 'stuff' and what is theirs? 

Understanding boundaries and recognising the emotional vampires.

Panic Disorder 

Panic disorder, what a panic attack is and what keeps them going.


Worksheets and homework to complete, also online resources for mental health issues.

All this support and knowledge for less than 1 therapy session

To express an interest please Contact Helen :