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Top Ten Questions for Valuable Conversations about anxiety with your teenager

These questions are based on a cognitive behavioural framework. They are very useful to find out how much and in what ways anxiety is impacting your teenager's life.


These questions allow yourself and your teenager to reflect and expand their view on their anxiety.


Topics addressed are:


  • Teenagers world view
  • Their thoughts and metacognitions around anxiety and mental health.
  • How they view the future
  • Allows the teenager to reflect on their anxiety with more detail, enabling them to pinpoint anxiety triggers
  • Educates about rumination 
  • Gathers information about protective factors and what aspects of life need to be integrated more.
  • Addresses their views/thoughts/feelings about significant events in their lives.


Top Ten Questions to get to the root of the problem



Sometimes parents struggle to get to the root of the problem when talking to their teenager. Conversations can go round in circles and become distressing for both the parent and teenager. 


These questions are worded in such a way that they enable the parent to receive a clearer picture of what may be worrying their teenager or what may be standing in the way of a better parent/teenager relationship.


They are created with a curious stance in mind while informed by a cognitive behavioural framework. These questions communicated and asked in the correct way will give you a starting point in your relationship and inform the next steps. 


The Guide


A guide to building a better relationship with your teenager. Ten guiding principles informed by a theoretical framework. Written in understandable language and communicated in such a way that you can out them into practice straight away. A practical information resource that you can work off day by day.


It allows for a deeper 2 way understanding if followed and practised.


This guide is written with 16 years of child and adolescent experience and professional mental health knowledge. The guide will improve your relationship and help you attune with your child on a deeper level.

It simply lays out steps and actions for a positive emotional relationship.

Some of these you may be missing such as:

  • Noticing themes and patterns of behaviour
  • How to pick out the meaningful parts of a conversation, notice the critical things that are said that may seem subtle and learn how to respond.
  • What are the different reasons they are not confiding in you?


And lots more!




All 3 products - Guide and 2 sets of questions

£7.50 Regular Price
£4.50Sale Price
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