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Trauma services

I feel very passionately about helping and supporting children and adults who have experienced developmental trauma. I have completed extensive continued professional development in the field of trauma, this coupled with my training in Person-Centred therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy results in me being one of the most specialised trauma therapists in the area. I work on a sessional basis for Cumbria county council providing therapy in Post-adoption and provide guidance and training for local schools. I am also a member of The international society for the study of Trauma & Dissociation. and a member of the Childhood Trauma Recovery Network


Working in private practice has given me a breadth of experience that is difficult to gain in just one service provider. I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Below are the people and organisations that have benefitted from my training.


  • Social workers and social work managers

  • Foster carers

  • Special Guardians

  • Adoptive parents

  • Educational professionals 

  • Therapeutic communities and residential homes

  • Adoption and fostering panel advisors

  • Children’s guardians

  • Mental health and physical health professionals

  • Early years practitioners

  • Contact and assessment centres

  • Police and other emergency professionals

  • Legal professionals

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