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Trauma - The Body and the Brain







If someone has experienced trauma, it is important to understand how it impacts our minds and bodies.


You may ask, "how can I start to heal, in what ways can I help myself to feel better?"


Come along to this very safe and supportive talk to learn how trauma affects us in such fundamental ways.


It may be that you have spent years being diagnosed with all sorts of bodily pains and conditions when in reality, trauma may be contributing to your bodily symptoms as well as your mental state. You may find yourself reacting to life events in ways you don’t want to, you may find yourself in emotional turmoil quite quickly and wonder why that happens.


You may have visited the doctors and been referred for CBT that was ineffective or difficult to apply.

This workshop will help.

You will learn


  • How the brain is affected in terms of memory

  • How trauma can affect the body and why it is important to concentrate on this element when wanting to improve symptoms

  • Learn about attachment systems and how they become activated in relationships with others.

  • Learn about the latest research on trauma treatment and how this relates to our physical well-being.

  • Learn practices that you can apply every day to help manage daily life.


Education around trauma is the first step to healing from trauma, supportive relationships are the second.


There will be a checking in process throughout the talk to ensure your wellbeing and a briefing in the beginning, to think about and plan how we will manage feelings during the talk.


Feedback from attendees

"Thank you for today's courage to Heal talk...really helped me and my partner to understand better what goes on in a brain that has experienced developmental trauma...I can only see positive things from this"


"Helen explains things so well, my understanding has really helped me to heal from my trauma and make positive steps from this talk"

Helen Harvey will be facilitating this talk. Helen is one of the leading trauma therapists in this area.





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