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Traumatic Bereavement and Complicated Grief - A workshop for professionals

A 6 hour training day for professionals working in the Health and Social care sector


It is well established that trauma symptoms impede the grieving process and delay the integration of loss.


People who are traumatically bereaved often have distressing memories and images, this undermines the resources of the grieving client. They have difficulty sleeping due to hyperarousal and reduced energy making the griefing task much more difficult. The client may become stuck in the process of adjustment, they may find it difficult to access social support and question the meaning and spirituality of the death and their belief in the world as a safe place.


This training day will cover

  • Psychoeducation - traumatic bereavement 

  • Self capacities 

  • Trauma processing

  • Mourning

  • Meaning and spirituality

  • Emotional integration 

  • Creative remembrance


You will complete the day having learnt an integrated approach created from research on this very niche topic, The approach will enrich your practice and help those clients struggling in complicated grief.  You will feel more confident to help your clients who are:


Bereaved over 6 months ago

People who have experienced sudden traumatic bereavement.

Those who are struggling with making meaning and processing loved one's life and death.

Experienced bereavement by violent actions or traumatic illness


A certificate of attendance will be issued on completion 

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