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ACEs  & Dissociation in Education - A Workshop for Teaching Assistants

Thu, 21 Mar 2024, 18:15

For a school to be truly 'trauma informed' the right training needs to be accessed that goes beyond looking at ACEs and how these present and are assessed. A deeper understanding of dissociation and the causes of it are necessary.

We need to be able to view the child's behaviour within the context of the relationship and as a form of communication.

It is hard to know how to support a child who has been through either sexual, physical or emotional abuse?

Teaching assistants are the bedrock of implementing true trauma informed practice in the classroom. This workshop covers the following

  • Why do children dissociate?

  • How to recognize dissociation in a child ?

  • What type of situation and actions may increase dissociation in an educational setting?

  • How do you provide safety and help regulate the child again?

  • How to deal with 'naughty' behaviour .

  • Why relationships and friendships provide such difficult problems and what teaching staff can do to help?

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Talking to Teenagers

education and support, ensuring child centred care

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It is hard to be a teenager in today's world, but it is also hard to be a parent or a helper at school, It is hard to manage self-harm, or be truly trauma-informed. There is so much to get right in the helping and teaching professions. 

My name is Helen Harvey and I am a child & adolescent therapist specializing in the area of trauma. I run workshops for the helping professions i.e. pastoral staff, health visitors, youth workers, and residential workers, helping them to be truly trauma-informed and to develop the skills necessary to support young people in this challenging world.

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