Talking to Teenagers

Helping teenagers be resilient, supporting parents

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Being the parent of a teenager is hard isn't it?

There is no rule book and sometimes being a parent is a lonely frustrating business.

Add a mental health issue into the equation and you can find yourself feeling powerless to help your teenager. 

Social media, GCSE pressure, friendship issues.

Watching your teenager experience emotional pain is so distressing for you as a parent, would you like some support and guidance to feel empowered to help?


I am a qualified child and adolescent therapist regulated by the British Psychotherapy and Counselling Association. I work with teenagers and their families to help build better relationships This course is not a generic one size fits all, but it is created with my experience from therapy sessions and recognising what supports and helps. I have worked with young people and their families in the therapy relationship intensively through my training, private practice and within schools.



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