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Trauma Training 
Working with traumatised children and young people
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This talk is for youth workers, teachers, parents, foster carers, virtual school workers, residential workers, and so forth.

For us to be effective and meaningful when building relationships with traumatized children and young people, we need to have increased awareness and knowledge around the numerous and multi-layered influence of loss, trauma and toxic stress on that person.

Children traumatized by either abuse or neglect have very special therapeutic needs.


We need to be able to view their behaviour within the context of the relationship and as a form of communication.

It is hard to know how to support a child who has been through either sexual, physical or emotional abuse?

It may be that the person is explosive and easily triggered. It may be that you feel there is always a risk of suicide and self-harm and you would like to know the best way to manage this.


This talk will inform you about the body and the brain when trauma is experienced and it will also teach you practical ways in which you can support and offer loving presence to the person in distress.


You will learn

  • Why the child or young person is easily dysregulated and becomes angry or distressed.

  • How to build the relationship in the calm moments.

  • What are the common themes in terms of triggering?

  • How to help the person regulate their emotions.


This workshop is run throughout the Northwest on different dates. Alternatively, this training can be conducted at your workplace or school.


Working with Traumatized Children and Young People Tickets, Thu 9 Jun 2022 at 18:00 | Eventbrite





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