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Creation of 'connection' trauma hub in an educational settings

A service that helps the school set up a designated ‘connection’ trauma hub that operates in school once a week for the pupils who have experienced traumatic events, pupils that would be known to have experienced developmental traumas. A place that provides a safe place for these pupils regardless of ability or class. The hub would provide for the needs of the whole child…physical, emotional and spiritual. Taking into account the relevance of the developmental needs of the child in regards to emotional stresses the child has endured.


The package would include training of key staff in active listening, reflecting back, child-centred non-directive play and trauma-related body and the brain education. A dedicated area would be set up and designed by myself and the key skills to attune would be modelled and learnt over time.


Written resources and a training package would be provided including.


Key therapeutic conditions


Order of the morning activities


A detailed implementation document in regards to assessing needs and meeting ACE criteria. Consideration would be given carefully in regards to how this hub sits within the wider school environment.


Children who have experienced trauma have a deficit in learning and attuning which has affected the lower parts of the brain stem. First are somatic issues which are addressed through rhythmic movement and activities. Second is an attachment which is addressed through intentional empathetic understanding with curiosity without being emotionally intrusive. The child is engaged with unconditional positive regard. The third is cognitive function addressed through storytelling and making meaning of life experiences all this is done through an environment rich in a hands-on activity and play following a predictable pattern, alternating child-led time with a teacher-led activity.


They might make things for particular yearly festivals, such as window decorations, lanterns and mobiles, sew or braid, either for the schoolroom or to take home.


Very careful consideration is also given to the impact of everything in the environment upon all the senses of a young child.


This would be created and developed over 4 weeks 9.10 am -12.30 pm (separate to staff training) Hands-on Staff would be expected to commit to a 6-month continuation of services. Each different cohort of children would be within the same group for this time, with the group taking place at the same time and day of each week. Swapping groups and times would cause a therapeutic rupture with a great impact on each child.


Prices from £2,300

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